Exterior Kitchen Door, Complete

It's been a while since posting Door Build part 3, but that was due to some delays in getting the insulated glass for the last step. (For all the steps, and more build pics, see part 2 and part 1). The re-keying for the mortise lock took some time too. But the parts finally were in place (thank you Seth!), and was I able to finish things up...

  • I did a dry fit of the 5/8" insulated, tempered glass (yes, it fit!)
  • I milled and finished the stops that would hold the glass into the rabbets
  • used clear silicon caulk to seat the glass, and then attached the stops
  • stepped back and enjoyed the door

Making the stops were the only "woodworking" part of this round, and I made a profile for them with a Stanley no.45 to cut a rabbet, and then a block plane to make a chamfer to two scribed lines. I then used my miter box and 45° shooting board to trim the miters to fit.

So that's it. I have a beautiful door that matches the kitchen. It is solid, operates smoothly, and secure. It was a big project, one that had to be right the first time. Taking my time, dealing with the details as I went made it come out as perfectly as I could make it.