Back to School, Again

In a few days, I'll be headed to North Carolina for five days of woodworking at The Woodwright's School. The class will be taught by the legendary Roy Underhill, host of PBS' The Woodwrights Shop, and I can't wait. Anyone who's seen the show, or had a chance to meet him in person, has testified that Roy is a grade-A, larger than life, character, and is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about traditional woodworking. Everyone who has met him has countless stories of Roy's humor and good nature, and I'm looking to have a few of my own.

I actually met him once, by chance, when on a driving vacation in the spring of 2012. My wife and were headed down to Charleston, SC, and along the way (I) thought we'd drop in see Roy's school in Pittsboro, NC. I'd wanted to check out the goods in the hand tool store that is above the school as well. While meeting up with Ed Lebetkin who runs the store, in walked Roy, and I got to shake hands. It was too sudden, and al little too awkward, to whip out a camera, so I had to settle for posing next to the cardboard cut out in the stairwell (right). 

This time, I'm going for five days of "Benchwork Week - Joinery & Cabinetry with Roy Underhill" . Lots of great content there, and I'll be drinking in every bit of it. This is the second chance in a month to learn directly from a master craftsmen. As I proceed on my journey of learning woodworking, having this chance to learn from one of the masters is a dream come true. I'm glad I was able to get the time and money to make this happen

And I'll be sure to get a picture or two as well.