I couldn't resist - another plane

Tool addiction is a real problem for some. I see the appeal, and am aware of the danger. I'm still in control, and managing to keep it at bay. At least that's what I'm telling myself. 

With that in mind, a few weeks ago I found myself with a few hours to kill in a little town, and wandered into a 2nd hand store. I found a box of old rusty tools, and saved this little hand plane. It was all rust, with a broken tote. $5.

After an afternoon of cleaning it up (Evapo-rust bath, re-glued the tote, sanded and shellacked, scoured and re-painted the painted parts, honed, sharpened, and set the iron) and posting some pics on Lumberjocks.com to let the community help me identify it, I present my Ohio Tool Company Savage #3. Apparently, "Savage" was Ohio's discount line. This one is a size I didn't have, and a handy little narrow smoother now.


with my Stanley #4 for comparison